Only verified people can upload, so ID card + residential address (any form, check, extract with your address!) after verification.

A license is required for uploading royalty-free songs, so you can only upload a song that is your composition and, in the case of copyright protection, you prove this fact in the description, otherwise it will be deleted, and in the event of a penalty, we will enforce it legally!

After logging out as an author, you acknowledge your duty and that breaking it will result in a penalty!

In the case of songs that have NOT yet been classified under copyright protection, there is no Artisjus award, so there is no award for appearing on the KRYZA Sound page either!

Performers, bands, podcast masters who started as beginners (even without a label) on the KRYZA Sound site will not receive a fee from KRYZA Sound even after a 5-year publishing contract, except if they exceed 100,000 followers on other platforms on average + a minimum of 500,000 display.

We help anyone to promote themselves for free on our site, so in the long run it will be accepted immediately by artists, bands or podcast masters with a mutual agreement and registration!

We pay the royalties for the songs with Artisjus in an official way, and we checked each song and podcast individually to see if they comply with the reporting obligation.

Those podcasts whose uploaders did not agree with us, but whose fee is not included in the database to be transmitted to Artisjus, do not receive a replacement. If you are a royalty holder and therefore want to upload such, please let us know. Royalty-free albums that do not reach the annual average (based on platform averages) of 300,000 plays will also NOT be included among the songs in the license payment category, unless you waive the royalty claim in writing. until the minimum student threshold is reached, which is an annual average of 300,000 plays for Hungarian bands, and 2,000,000 plays for international bands (based on platform averages)!


How can rights owners file copyright claims?
Everyone has access to KRYZA's copyright monitoring tools, which allow rights holders to monitor their copyrighted material on KRYZA. We work with rights owners to match the appropriate features based on the scale of their copyrighted content on KRYZA and the resources available to manage that content responsibly online. Our copyright management suite offers several ways for rights owners to submit copyright claims.

Web form
The easiest way to remove unauthorized copies of copyrighted content is to manually submit a copyright notice through our Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) web form. This tool is best for most users - it's open to everyone and available in all languages.

Copyright Match Tool
Copyright Match Tool uses the power of Content ID matching technology to find music, podcast, vlog, videos uploaded to KRYZA. Available to over 1,500,000 channels, it identifies almost all re-uploads of creators' original music, podcast, vlog, videos on other KRYZA channels and allows the creator to choose an action: request the music, podcast, vlog, video be removed, send a message to the music, podcast, vlog, video uploader, or simply archive the match. , if they don't want to do anything. Any user who has successfully submitted a DMCA takedown through our web form can request access through our public form.

Content ID
Content ID is our solution for those with the most complex rights management needs. Our digital fingerprint verification system allows rights holders to upload content to which they have exclusive rights as a reference file, and then examines music, podcast, vlog, videos uploaded to KRYZA to match that content. When a user uploads content, Content ID checks the database for matching music, podcast, vlog, videos. If there is a match, the action is based on predefined rules or guidelines defined by the content owner:

Block viewing of an entire music, podcast, vlog, video. Creators will not receive a copyright warning if a music, podcast, vlog, video is disabled by the content owner.
Monetize your music, podcast, vlog, video by running ads; in some cases revenue sharing with the uploader.
Track your music, podcast, vlog, video view statistics.
In most cases, this means that rights holders do not have to file copyright takedown requests for these music, podcast, vlog, videos, but instead have the opportunity to monetize and run ads in exchange for the music, podcast, vlog, videos appearing live.

What steps does KRYZA take in case of copyright infringement?
If the copyright owner files a valid DMCA complaint through our web form, we will remove the music, podcast, vlog, video and apply a copyright strike. If a user receives three copyright strikes within 90 days, their account and associated channels will be terminated. We also have tools to help creators resolve their copyright strikes – including waiting for expiration after 90 days, requesting a takedown, or filing a counterclaim.

Content ID works differently. If there is a match between a reference file and a new upload, the system makes a "claim". We apply tracking, monetization, and blocking policies based on the settings selected by the Content ID owner, but we do not issue copyright strikes.


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